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Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering!

1. Read the graduate handbook. This has the rules for which courses you will have to take.

2. Plan your studies. You can start by picking a model study plan in your area of interest.

Worksheets for AI Concentrations
Worksheets for CPE Concentrations
Worksheets for EE MEMS Concentrations
Worksheets for EE Concentrations

3. Look at the directory with all ECE department graduate course syllabi to see if you might prefer to switch out some courses for others we offer.

It is important for you to look at the courses and try to figure out which are most interesting to you before talking to your advisor, so you can have a productive conversation.

4. Create your study plan in workday for student

Understand that your advisor cannot tell you what courses you should take or what interests you. That is your decision. Read the rules for which courses you have to take, and read the syllabi of the courses that interest you. Then, having thought about what you are interested in pursuing as a career, if you have a question about which of two courses is a better fit, that is the time to talk to your academic advisor.


For questions regarding your Academic Plan, contact Nina Cheung at